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About Us

Who we are?

AMAN PVC is an Egyptian company that manufactures and designs UPVC profiles according to Egyptian Standard No. 5304/2006 and British Standard No. 7413/2003.

With a highly experienced manufacturing and installation team, we produce all your designs, no matter how simplified, complicated, or a critical time schedule, because our factory has the highest production capacity in Egypt.

AMAN PVC product is an environmentally friendly product because we rely on completely lead-free manufactured raw materials, which makes it an ideal use in hospitals, health and industrial projects.

The new production line is producing the highest quality WPC profiles with all new technologies in this industry and WPC product features fire resistance and bacterial impact on surfaces

From Our Products


Energy Savings

Excellent Heat Insulation

Peace and Tranquility

Good Sound Proofing Ability

No Rotting

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Excellent Isolation Ability

No Dust, Air and Water Entry

Design Flexibility

The Designer’s Haven

Accident Free

Excellent Electrical Insulator

Gives Value to Homes

Attractive Appearance

Maintenance Free

Non Messy and no Staining


Project Done


Unit Produced




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